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Jeannette's Story

Jeannette Salazar, a passionate Mexican-American interior designer, began her design journey in a close-knit community north of Santa Fe, NM, and proudly graduated from Pojoaque High School. She further pursued her love for interior design at a specialized private college focused on visual arts, earning her Bachelor's degree in Interior Design in 2010.


With over 14 years of hands-on experience, Jeannette has made a significant impact on the industry. Her extensive portfolio showcases more than 100 projects, including kitchen and bath remodels, complete home transformations, custom homes, and retail spaces. Beyond her meticulous attention to detail, exceptional organizational skills, and innovative spatial visions, what truly sets Jeannette apart is her unbridled passion for transforming spaces into her clients' dream environments, continually pushing the boundaries of interior design.


Choosing Jeannette means more than just selecting an interior designer; it means inviting a dedicated professional into your home. Her mission is to craft spaces that inspire and captivate, and every project is a heartfelt endeavor focused on enhancing the beauty of your home, one room at a time.


Jeannette's design journey is profoundly personal, shaped by her extensive experience and unwavering commitment to creating spaces that reflect your unique style and aspirations. Whether you dream of a cozy kitchen, a luxurious bathroom, a custom home, or a personalized closet, Jeannette Salazar is here to bring your vision to life while maintaining a professional yet relaxed atmosphere throughout the process.

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